a day in the sun  a meeting of minds  admiral  advice 
al fresco  amazing  and then he put his hands in ...  another spectator 
art class  art class 2  at the taw river  audience 
baby carrier 2  bad news  beware  birthday party 1 
birthday party 2  birthday party 3  birthday party 4  birthday party 5 
birthday party 6  birthday party 11  birthday party 12  blacksmith beard 
blacksmith  blacksmiths  blonde  bored 
bowler  bowser  brother and sister  bugler 
builder  builders instructions  carer  carols 
carol concert  chess tournament  church house discussion  church house visitors 
cider drinkers  compere vicar  concentration  consideration 
contour man  conversation  country dancers  damsel 
dartmoor ranger  dartmoor rangers in the mist  david - oliver  debate 
debaters  decision  declaration  delivery man 2 
delivery man 5  delivery man 6  digging up grandma.  dog and knight 
door and roses  doubtful  drainology men  dry 
early morning  elegance  enthusiasm  family dressed up 
family  farm gossip  farmer  farmer 2 
farmer 3  farming tales  farrier at work  farrier 
father and son  feet  fishing  folk 
framed again  framed  friends  gardener 
gendarme  generations  girl band  girl talk 
girls at erfurt  grandma  group family  grow this big .. 
hands  happy  have a nice day  his and hers 
horse and owner  i had it somewhere  if you think you can do better ...  im in charge 
in the family 2  in the sun 2  iriders  james 
jim - bud(s).  john letts  judging  keith eating 
knight  lady with dog  les pompiers  like mother like ... 
listen to mother  looking down  lunch  made up 
marine-training  mark percival  mates  mesdames 
miss  moor people  morris dancers  mother and baby 
mother and son  need a shave  night duty doctor  officials 
old folks dinner 1  old folks dinner 2  old folks dinner 3  old folks dinner 4 
old folks dinner 5  old folks dinner 6  old folks dinner 7  old folks dinner 8 
old folks dinner 9  old folks dinner 10  old folks dinner 11  old folks dinner 12 
old friends meet  on the roof  outdoor meal 1  outdoor meal 2 
oxygen 1  oxygen 2  parish day 1  parish day 2 
parish day 3  parish day 4  parish day 5  parish day 6 
parish day 7  patient  photographer  pilot 
plumber  pompiers breakfast  presentation  publican 
rash from monitor stickers  red face 1  redhead3  reflection 
resting 1  resting 2  resting 3  saint pierre des nids 0480 bread-du pain 
saint pierre des nids 0490 madame the baker-madame le boulanger  saint pierre des nids 0500 shop assistant-l'assistant de boulanger  saint pierre des nids 1360 judging-jugement  sam 
sandwich search  scotish holiday  seen a friend 2  self portrait (2) 
self portrait  sharing a story  sheep farmer  shepherd 
shop assistant  signed  slowcoach  smile please 
smile  smiling in the rain  somethings funny  spectator 
spectators  spectator 3  spirit of the dance  sticklepath stores 
stripping lambs adopted skin  sunday lunch  taking a break  tea break 
tea break 2  texting in restaurant  thatcher balance  thatcher 
the choir.  the potters wife  the potters wife 2  the ram man. 
the vicar waits for a soaking  tired and old 1  tired and old 2  tired and old 3 
tired and old 4  together  tony  too noisy 2 
tractor man  tracy elliot reep  turkish market 1  turkish market 2 
two sleeping  umbrella  unshaven  veteran 
village choristers  village councilor  village mechanic  volunteers 
waiting to work.  watcher  watching and waiting  watching the cosdon run 
water skier 1  water skier 2  wedding group 1 : toms wedding  wedding group 2 : toms wedding 
weird face  welcoming party  what does it do, dad  work experience 
worker  working animals - men  working model  working outdoors 
yokel  yokel 2  youth