a squatter  a visitor  acorns  age 
aged tree  angel rods  another lichen  apple blossom 
apples  apricots  arms  autumn acorns 
autumn carpet  autumn coming  autumn leaves  autumn leaves 2 
autumn seeds 2  bamboo  bare tree  bare trees 
bark bark  bark  beech  berries (2) 
berries (3)  berries (4)  berries  big leaves 
bird seed growing  blackberry briars  blackberry fruit  blackberry 
blades  blighted leaves  blue berry sky  blush 
boston ivy 1  boston ivy 2  boston ivy 3  boston ivy 4 
boston ivy 5  boston ivy 6  boston ivy 7  boston ivy 8 
boston ivy leaves 2  boston ivy leaves  boston ivy shoot  bottle brush 
boulay les ifs 11. autumn colour-couleur d'automne  boulay les ifs 13. yew tree-arbre de bois d'if  bracken  bramble leaf 
branch  branches  bursting out  catkins (2) 
catkins  catkins 2  cherries 1  cherries 2 
cherries 3  cherry tree  climber  coming 
conde sur sarthe 26. leaning tree - inclinaison d'arbre  conifer 1  conifer 2  conifer leaves 
conifer with seeds  conifer  copper beech  cornfield 
dandelion clock  dandelion puff  dead beautiful  dead ivy 
dead leaves  dead or alive 1  dead or alive 2  dead ugly 
devon wall  devon wall 1  dewdrops  diseased leaf 
dry bracken  dry leaves  dry skin  early holly ... 
ears  explode  fallen leaves  fanned hay 
field mushrooms1  field mushrooms2  field mushrooms3  field mushrooms4 
field with daisies 1  field with daisies 2  fighting back  fir 1 
fir 2  fir branches  fire in january 2  fire leaves 1 
fire leaves 2  flowering cherry young  frosted grass 1  frosted grass 2 
frosted grass 3  frosted grass 4  frosty nettle  frosty 
fungi  fungus tree  gesnes le gandelin 01. church garden - l eglise jardin  gesnes le gandelin 37. winter branches - branches d hiver 
gesvres 12. grapes in garden-raisins dans le jardin  glowing  going  grape vine leaves 
grapes  grass 1  grass seed (2)  grass seed (3) 
grass seed  grass  grasses (2)  grasses 
green-carpet  greenery  growth  hair 
hanging around  harvest 1  harvest 2  harvest 3 
hazel  hedera  hedge cutting  hedge sticks 
hedge  herb garden  hidden treasure  hole in the brambles 
holly 1  holly 2  holly berries  holly 
holly 2  honeysuckle berries  honeysuckle in rain 2  honeysuckle in rain 
honeysuckle  in bud  in ones cups  indoor plants 1 
indoor plants 2  indoor plants 3  its my baby  ivy (2) 
ivy carpet  ivy on pub  ivy trellis  ivy 
just grass  just hops  just planted  keep off 
la cerise  large oak  large urban trees 1  leaf 
leaves (2)  leaves 1  leaves 2  leaves 3 
leaves and fruit  leaves and sky  leaves in sunlight  leaves 
lichen  long grass  look we have come through  looking down on trees 
loose seeds  maize 1  maize 2  maize asnd hay 
maize growing 2  maize growing 4  maize growing on  maize growing 
maize grown 1  maize grown 2  maize grown 3  maize grown 4 
mauve leaves  measles  mistletoe (2)  mistletoe (3) 
mistletoe  mistletoe  mistletoe 2  moor flora 
morning dew  moss  mossy bridge  mossy 
moulins le carbonnel 6. large trees -  grands arbres  new leaves  next, ready -  jump  not perfect 
nuts  oak apple  october leaves  on-the-wall 
outside the hospital  overnight  pollard  pollarded tree - arbre etete 
pond  prickly customer  primrose plant  privet 1 
privet 2  privet 2 2  prunings  raindrops 
rash  reach for the sky 1  reach for the sky 2  red and green 
reeds  reflections  regrowth  ripe apples 
riverbank  rock-plant  roots (2)  roots 
rose hips 1  rose hips 2  saint julien des eglantiers 32. church tree - l arbre d eglise  seed heads 1 
seed heads 2  seed  seeds  seven stars ivy 
shade  silhouette  silver  small roadside tree 
snowdrops soon  souge le ganelon 12. pollards - arbres etetes  spike plant  spring greens 
spring in sight  spring is here  spring leaves  spring springing 
squatter  squatters here  stalks  steps 
stricken tree  stripes  succulents  tangle 
tasty  tears  teasels and sky  teazle 
thatching reed  the old man  the spirit of xmas  thorns 
toehold  tomatoe flowers 2  tomatoe flowers  tomatoes 1 
tomatoes 1 2  tomatoes 2  tomatoes 4  tomatoes 5 
tomatoes 6  tomatoes 7  tomatoes 8  too early for xmas 
town trees alencon 1  town trees alencon 2  tree by the taw  tree hedge and car 
tree hole  tree on ramsley common  tree rings  tree sheltering cows 
tree trunk  trees in valley  trees  trunk 
turning up  underfoot  unknown plant  urban hedge 1 
urban hedge 2  vegetation  victim  waiting for planting 
waiting harvest  wall climber 1  wall climber 2  wall climber 3 
wall climber 4  wall climber 5  wall climber 6  wall climber 7 
wall climber 8  wall climber 9  wall climber 10  wall climber 
wall  walnut tree 1  walnuts 1  water holders 
water plant  waterlogged  weeds  wet blanket 
wet ivy  wet rose leaves 3  wet rose leaves  wheat 
whiskers  wild flower berries  windfalls  windowsill 
windswept trees  winter leaves  winter trees  woods 
xmas coming  young apples 1  young apples 2  young grapes 1 
young grapes 2  young holly leaves  young pears  yucca sideways